As the second event in the ongoing OLV Community Resilience series, the One Linda Vista Community Resilience to Domestic Violence picked up where the Community Resilience to Gang Violence left off. Thanks to the collaboration of Bayside Community Center, University of San Diego (USD), Montgomery Middle School, Turn Around Youth (TAY) Foundation, and San Diego Western Police Department (SDPD), the event focused on bringing attention to domestic violence. The event was hosted at Montgomery Middle School and had more than 30 attendees. The community was informed of the statistics and realities of domestic violence by presentations from TAY and SDPD, as well as provided with resources and agencies to support victims of domestic. Given Linda Vista’s demographic layout with a sizeable portion of residents being migrants, the challenges of reporting domestic violence were discussed. Community Resilience to Domestic Violence therefore included a discussion on the strategies and avenues through which community can report domestic violence and victims can seek support.

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